The Right Tools

May 2024

I recently redisovered something that I had forgotten that I loved, because over the years it became too cumbersome, time consuming and frustrating, that I lost motivation to even consider it. And the fix was so simple: Having the right tools.
You might be wondering what I'm ranting on about this time, so let me explain. My forgotten love is sewing. Specifically, designing and making clothes, preferably the really fancy ones with copious amounts of lushious fabrics and ornamentation. The type of clothes that in today's society, don't really have a place. But, I love creating them none-the-less.
Over the years though, the love died. It fizzled out because everything just became too hard... a series of little nuiances that all added up to a big "hell no". Things like there never being anywhere big enough to cut the fabric; No space (and I still don't have any) for a dress making dummy; Not being able to source all the materials that I needed (or wanted); The sewing machine routinely playing up and not stitching properly; The overlocker jamming and/or refusing to cut the fabric and then pulling the fabric...
Getting both the sewing maching and overlocker serviced was something that I did look into. However, both were troublesome. The sewing machine was a fancy brand that only a select few serviced and the consequential cost (plus any parts) was more than the price of a basic new sewing machine. As for the overlocker, well I couldn't find anyone who wanted to service it. So, I left it and watched them both collect dust over the years.
And then the other week, an event invite came through that required a specific style of dress. One that I didn't have and couldn't seem to find in stores or online at (what I deemed to be) a decent price.
So I started to think about making it myself. It was a simple enough dress and I knew that with the right fabric it'd be gorgeous... but then I remembered my sewing machine and quicker than any daydream had started, it was squashed. Just the mere thought of trying to work with a machine that I knew wouldn't sew straight, had me cringing. But, I pulled it out anyway and tried a few test run stitches... and it did exactly what I thought it would do: It screwed up. (Note that I had two sewing machines and they both screwed up. At that stage, I didn't even try the overlocker.)
Instead of giving up completely this time, I decided to do a quick online search for any deals on getting a new sewing machine and overlocker. As luck would have it, there was a sale on that meant that the machines were half price (or less), so I researched the models, made my choices and went down to the store to buy them and bring them home.
As excited as I was, a part of me was still a little apprehensive about how this would go, but any doubts were quickly pushed aside when I started using the machines (after a quick unboxing and set-up). They both worked so well! It was so smooth! So quiet! So perfectly efficient!
There was no re-doing. There was no unpicking. There was no untangling. It was just smooth sewing. And it felt SO good. Within a few minutes all my love for sewing came flooding back and it was like part of me had returned. I had honestly forgotten how much I loved it.
So now I find myself sketching and imagining a variety of possibilities and an array of colours and sumptious fabrics, and I feel my heart sing.
And maybe it was something in the air, because around the same time, my eldest bought some new art materials for her to paint again. Like me, she was a bit apprehensive about re-starting, but pushed through and did it anyway. The result? Quite similar to mine. She re-discovered how much she loves to paint and she's working on quite a big piece now.
Who would've thought that all it took was having the right tools and then everything would flourish? So... is there anything in your life that could flourish or bloom again, if only you had the right tools?

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