Small Steps

January 2024

I must admit that I'm having what feels like a slow start to the new year. I'm enjoying the longer summer days and evenings, despite the weather sometimes being abnormally hot for days (and nights) on end. I've been quite happy spending my days enjoying the company of myself and my kids, and on most days, not really having much of a plan... just going with the flow of things. Taking it slower than I normally would and only taking small steps. In truth I've done quite a lot over these past few weeks but it feels like I haven't because I've allowed everything to flow and just be. And really, when I'm used to running, jumping and leaping, these small steps seem inconsequential. For once, I'm not forcing anything. I'm just moving slowly, or slower... and I must say, it's quite, well, relaxing.
It makes me think of this old question: If money was not an issue, what would you spend your time doing? And I think I found my answer: I'd do whatever feels right.
I know that this wouldn't work if you're the type of person who is extraordinarily lazy and needs a huge amount of motivation to do things, but I'm not like that. In fact, I usually find myself doing TOO much and then trying to cram even more into a completely full day. Admittedly, I end up utterly distraught when I don't complete absolutely everything on my list for that day. So overall, doing "just enough" and simply feeling my way through my days, seems to be perfect for me. You know, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Sure, I do have a rough plan of what I want to get done, but I'm not as hard on myself as I used to be. And I think that my mind and body are quietly thanking me for it. And my tasks? They're still getting done - they're just not as rushed as they used to be, and oddly enough, I feel like I have more time on my hands.
Maybe that's what the plan should be for this year. Just going with the flow and doing what feels right. (All within reason of course. I'm not about to do anything reckless or irresponsible.) It's almost like going back to the very basics of living: Eating when you're hungry, drinking when you're thirsty, sleeping or resting when you're tired, dancing when you're grooving, laughing when you're happy.... well, you get the idea. And honestly, who really wants to spend their day counting calories or taking note of exactly how many minutes of time you spent doing, well, whatever task that you "had" to get done? That all sounds so regimented and well, no fun. It doesn't sound like living at all. Isn't life meant to be enjoyed? (Again, I'm not recommended anyone drink themselves into a stupor or anything.)
So maybe this year should be about letting go a little and trusting your gut instincts that little bit more. Doing what feels right and not forcing anything to be or not to be. Taking the time to enjoy all the little things that life has to offer and to allow yourself the time to soak it all in and perhaps stumble upon a few epitomes or revelations...  finding and having your own eureka moments.
If you're up for the challenge, let me kick it off for you by asking you this: If you could do anything you wanted to do and money was not an issue, what would you do? What would make you the most happy and fulfilled? Can you start doing any part of that now? If yes, then great - off you go! If not, then what could you change to enable you to do even some of it? Maybe just a tiny bit? Because we all know that it even the smallest actions are steps in the right direction and small steps are still progress.

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