Motivational Words

June 2024

More often than not, we need reminders in our lives that we're stronger than we think, we've come farther than it seems, we've overcome more than we remember, and that good things are always around us, even when it seems like everything is against us.
And that's why I've been busy behind the scenes, compiling a series of affirmations and I've designed them on some gorgeous backgrounds, so that they can be printed and used around the home (or office).
The image on this page (AI generated) depicts a few of my designs. Of course I've printed a bunch of them for my own use, on canvas, hanging up in my own home. They're great reminders to myself and to my kids, of what we're all capable of, especially when things feel like they've gone a little astray.
I have all my designs available for purchase and immediate download (because it's a digital file that you'd be purchasing). You can go to them directly via this link, or via the menu bar above by clicking on Motivational Prints. Either way, I'd be so happy if you took a look and made a purchase!
My reasoning for not selling them as framed prints, on canvas or other items like cushion covers, mugs, or tote bags, is because I know that everyone's circumstances (and spending ability) is different and just having the digital files available for purchase is the most affordable for everyone. The current range of affirmations is fairly large, but I'd be happy to add in more if you'd like them.
And whilst you're looking, you'll also notice that I've written some eBooks that are also available for purchase. (There are more in the works.) Like my motivational prints, my aim is to help more people with my own learnings and experience, in various aspects of their lives, by sharing my knowledge. Little by little, I'd like to make this world a little bit easier for those who'd like to walk an easier path in this life.

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