Making Room

April 2022

There's something amazingly wonderful about cleaning... really cleaning. Cleaning to the point where you're moving furniture and there's bags of garbage being thrown out. There's something magical cleansing about it and it's probably because we're energetically making room for the new as we say goodbye to the old.

And I've been doing a lot of this lately.

Admittedly there hasn't been much else to do with all the constant rain pouring down. I didn't really have the option of going outdoors. There was even a moment there when the roads around me were blocked off from flooding so there was only so far that I could go if I did venture out.

So I focused my attention inside. On all the little things that I'd been leaving. To the little things that built up to big things. No, I'm not a hoarder. I like it when everything has it's place and if there's not enough room for it, then something has to go. But at the same time, I'm no minimalist. I like my things. I like being surrounded by things that bring me comfort and joy. This is probably why it's difficult to really do a big clean out. But I'm glad I did.

I poked around in the back of cupboards and wardrobes. I dug through drawers and burrowed through layers of stuff. I sat down and had a deep think about what was important to me and what wasn't, and I was totally honest with myself when it came to the things that needed fixing, and out went anything that I knew that either wasn't worth fixing or I knew I'd never fix.

I got a bit ruthless, but you have to if you're going to do this whole big deep cleaning thing right.

Furniture was rearranged and my entire space got a new lease on life. And in the end, I felt a lot better. Because it wasn't just the physical space that I was clearing. It was my own energetic space too. I cleared out everything that wasn't working for me anymore; Anything that no longer served a purpose or reason to be in my life. And I know that included a few people too.

It kinda sounds bad as I write this, but honestly, as we grow and evolve as individuals, there are some things and people, that are just not equipped to come with us on the next stage of our journey. That's probably why a lot of people stay where they are, doing the same thing and never changing. It's comforting and it's assuring. But it's also incredibly boring and dull to never change, grow or experience new things.

So as I look around me, I can see a few more things that need adjusting and a few more bags of garbage to take out.

But today, the sun is shining brightly outside and the sky is clear blue, so I'm going outside to enjoy the sunshine. I've done enough cleaning and hiding indoors over these last few weeks. It's time to enjoy something different.

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