Increased Momentum

August 2022

We're into the second half of the year and it feels like things have gone from a trickle to a bit of a gush of energy and movement. Activity seems to have picked up with businesses and with people in general. It's almost like the majority have woken up and gone "oh bugger" as soon as they realise that more than half the year has already gone.

Which seem ridiculous because the months haven't changed and neither have the length of days in a week or month. Time still works like it always has and we've experienced the expected number of days and weeks up until this point in the year. So why the sudden realisation?

Is it because a lot of us spend the majority of every week, wishing it was the weekend? Wishing that they were somewhere else? Wishing that they were doing something else? WIshing so much that they wished the days away and forgot to live in the present moment?

I'm all for the weekend but I'm not about to wish my weekdays away for it. There's plenty to fill my days and nights, and I'm very grateful for every one of them.

But maybe that's the thing... maybe a lot of us aren't listing out what needs to be done by certain time frames and as time passes by, we loose focus and forget about the 'must-do' tasks, and then suddenly find ourselves with less time than we thought.

It happens all the time when school assignments are set and due, or when a work task is handed out with a deadline attached to it. Some of us will knuckle down and get the work done, some will plan in the time and take it bit by bit, and then there's the rest who will wait until the very last minute before rushing through it and probably pulling an all-nighter to do it. Which one are you?

Knowing yourself and knowing how you go about completing your tasks can help you a lot with managing them. Personally, I'm a planner. I schedule things in and allow myself extra time to complete tasks, so that I'm not rushed and I won't stress out if an emergency comes up that needs my attention. I add in the buffer time so that I can review and relax at the end, but I know that this method of planning might lead others to waste the added time, and possibly some of the planned task time, resulting in a rush job anyway. It's why I think everyone should get to know themselves and their own habits and tendencies.

I'm not going to go into all the details on exactly what you need to do to find out what kind of style you have when it comes to planning and completing tasks; That's something I do with my clients in my life coaching sessions.

What I will say though, is try not to spend your time wishing it away for something that's deemed as "better" that's happening later on. Focus on what needs to get done and try bringing the "better" into your every day so that you're not rushing or wasting it away only daydreaming.

Every day is something special and you need to find what it is for you.

When you do, maybe all this rushing and last-minute tasks can be a thing of the past and you can learn to enjoy every day for what it is... appreciate the length of every day, week and month. And appreciate where you are today, what you've done so far this year, and all the wonderful things that you'll do before the year is out.

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