I Can Feel It

June 2020

Imagine, just for a moment, what it would be like to actually feel someone else’s emotions. Not just the good ones, but the not-so-nice ones too. Have you done that? Okay. Now imagine, what it would be like if you couldn’t hide your emotions from someone, because no matter how hard you tried, that particular person could feel what you were feeling. Kinda freaky, right? Now imagine, what it would be like to not just feel one person’s emotions, but the collective energy of emotions – like the excitement of a crowd as they cheer when their favourite singer comes on stage, or the anger of a crowd when they’re protesting. Overwhelming? Definitely. Now imagine getting slammed with the energy of emotions that aren’t your own, completely out of the blue. A bit shocking and disturbing.

Welcome to the life of an empath.

I’m one of those people who are “in tune” with other people and can “read” a person pretty well by literally feeling what they feel. It makes meeting people for the first time pretty interesting, and it can give me an advantage when negotiating situations because I can use the information I feel, to adjust the way I approach a topic or speak to a person. However, I think it’s freakier for the other person, when that person knows that you’re able to tune into them.

Take for example, my children. As their mother, I’m naturally tuned into them, but as an empath, well, that’s really kicking it up a couple of notches because there isn’t much, emotionally, that they can hide from me. I can literally feel it when they’re angry, sad, frustrated, happy, tired, excited, etc. It gives me an advantage when asking about their day or just talking with them in general. It really does help with parenting them too, because I can pre-empt when things are getting too heated because one of them is tired or getting frustrated, giving me time to diffuse a situation before it does ramp up. They’re aware that I’m continually “reading” them and they’re pretty used to it, although it still does freak them out every now and then.

My friends and colleagues however, don’t know I’m an empath. Well, a very few do, but the majority don’t. It’s not something that I tell many people about because most people get so freaked out about it, that they’ll avoid being near me. But the thing with feeling energy is that distance doesn’t matter. I can still feel it. I can tune into a person’s energy by reading something that they’ve written or by just thinking of them.

If however, there’s an overwhelming amount of one particular emotion, I can be literally hit with it. I’ve lost count of the times when a wave of emotion that I know isn’t mine, has washed over and drowned out any of my own emotions. I’ve even had instances where I’ll be resting or asleep and I’m woken up from the intensity of the emotions. My intuition can usually pinpoint whose emotion I’m feeling, but sometimes, I don’t know the source and that can be frustrating. Imagine knowing that something is “wrong” because you’re feeling sad, or scared, or worried, but you can’t do anything about it because you don’t know who’s feeling it, so you can’t reach out to that person to help. The best I can do in those situations, is send back positive energy or calming energy.

Then there’s the collective energy. That’s the energy in a room, a suburb, a city, or wider. Yeah, I can feel that too. Distance really doesn’t matter. I just need to allow the feelings in. The intensity has been heightened over these last few months of lock-down but now I’m feeling something different. I’m feeling a change. I’m feeling something really really good on the horizon and I know that I’m not the only empath feeling this. Something’s changing. Something has shifted and is still moving and will keep going until it clicks into place. I’ve been feeling restless over it, the closer it gets. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s definitely in the air, and more specifically for me and others like me, something that I’m feeling in my gut and in my bones. It’s vibrating like excitement.

I don’t know when it’s all going to happen, how it’s going to happen, who’s going to be impacted, or any of the saucy details. I know some things specific to me, but there’s much more going on, and those details I don’t know. I do know that it’s nearly here and I’ve felt like I’ve had to make sure that I’ve completed certain tasks before it hits. Kind of like when you’re racing against the clock to get tasks done. That’s what it’s felt like for me. An underlying pressure. I’ve felt it whilst I’ve been overwhelmed with everything that had been happening in my life over the last six weeks, which did, in some ways, make things that much harder for me to get through – because I felt that silent pressure to finish… to end that chapter, before I ran out of time. But I’ve done everything that I’ve needed to do and I didn’t run out of time. I’ve done my part. It’s now time to stop, rest, relax and be thankful for how far I’ve come, whilst I wait to see what’s next.

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