Are You Listening?

March 2022

Regardless of what you believe in, the universe (or higher power) has a way of leaving signs and dropping hints, continually answering your questions and adjusting circumstances for you. Nothing happens by coincidence. But most of us are too busy to notice the whispers.

I notice mine all the time. Especially more in the recent years, when I've learnt to tune in and listen. I'm not saying that I twist and dig into the alternative meaning of everything that happens in my life, but I do pay attention to the signs and they're different for everyone. You just need to learn how the universe talks to you.

I've learnt to go by my gut instincts and just trust what I feel. It can be something as simple as when to go out, when to take a left instead of a right, when to research something, when to check up on a status of something... it can be anything. But I've learnt that when I listen to these niggling feelings to take action on something, it leads me to something good, if not wonderful.

As an example, when I was looking for somewhere to live, I looked at many properties and there were lots that were suitable, but for one reason or another, I never got any of them and had to keep looking. When I did find the place I'm living in now, everything happened somewhat effortlessly. There were no hiccups, no clarifications, no re-submissions, no additional questions to answer... everything just flowed. It just happened. And every day that I've lived here, I've been grateful and thankful...

And then yesterday the rain hit. Really really hard. Hard enough to flood areas that don't normally get flooded. Hard enough to wash away streets completely from view. Hard enough to have people in the immediate surrounding area to be evacuated. But me and my place? High and dry. Sure, there was a bit of water pooling on the balcony, but it was draining without issue.

And whilst reading the reports on everything that did flood or was damaged, I see all the properties that I did try acquiring, and I thank the heavens that I didn't get any of them. Because that would have been devastating. I would have lost everything. (And my heart does go out to everyone who has.)

So I'm more than grateful that I watched and listened to the signs around me. I'm thankful that I didn't get cranky and angry with the universe back when I couldn't find a place, even though I was trying my hardest. I'm happy that I just went with the feeling, albeit frustrating at times, that I would find something suitable.

This is just one example of hundreds that I have in my life and I know that you have them too... you just sometimes need to look for the signs and messages.

It could happen in so-called misfortunes, like where a meeting is rescheduled various times and it doesn't seem like it'll ever happen. (You need to ask yourself in those situations, if it should happen or if there's something that you're missing about the circumstances.) It could happen when you think of a person or a situation and you then hear a song come on, where it seems like the lyrics are talking directly at you. (Chances are that they are.) It could happen when you see something - a sign, an animal, a word, which just might be an answer to a question that you've had.

I've had these happen to me recently and instead of pushing ahead, I've taken in the signs and haven't bothered about setting a new time for the meetings that can't seem to be scheduled, and I've stopped and looked up the lyrics to the songs that have been popping into my head at what seems completely random times. I've also had some of the same animals show up in pictures or in signage (so I've looked up the meaning) and I've had the same numbers show up (again, there's a meaning behind repeating numbers).

And I'm grateful for every message that I receive.

The answers are always there in plain sight. But are you listening? Or did you miss the love heart in the patch of grass in that photo at the top? I found that patch by chance.

Sometimes you just need to really look and listen.

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