Another Year Nearly Gone

October 2021

As the end of the year draws ever closer, are you sitting there wondering what happened to the year? Or are you celebrating everything that you’ve accomplished?

I can’t help but think that as a society, we needed to have time alone with ourselves for a little while, in addition to the time in isolation last year, because there were things that weren’t quite done… things that weren’t quite finished… things that hadn’t been fully accepted. I don’t know what the actual changes were, but I know that as a collective, we’ve needed the time – some more than others. And we were given that time.

So what did you do with it this year? Did you struggle and continue to work long hours in a job that you’re not completely happy with? Or have you worked in a job that you love but that you find yourself spending too much time in? Or have you been forced to take time off, whether that was because you found yourself without a job or just on a forced break or reduced hours? Have you stood up for what you believe in? Have you spoken up for those that couldn’t? Have you made changes in your life? With your family? Your friends? Or any of your relationships? Or did you find new love in a hobby or pet? Or did you learn to spend time being okay with just being alone?

I used my time to propel myself forward – to make the adjustments that allowed me to speak my truth for many to hear. I made new connections and I nurtured some of my existing ones. I put myself out there, digitally, and told my story to whoever would listen. And listen they did. After a few short months, I’ve had my articles featured in three different magazines, all with international audiences. I’ve made new connections from them and I hope that I’m also making an impact on the lives of those reading what I’ve written. You’ll have to head over to the magazines to read what I’ve written, because you won’t find them here on this blog site. Each article was purpose-written for each publication, and I have more coming.

It’s been an amazing few months and I can’t wait to see what unfolds next. And considering all the little things that I have going on in the background, this year should end with a big bang for me and I’m expecting some more excitement to kick off the new year.

Is it what I thought I’d accomplish this year? Somewhat. It’s definitely gone in a different direction to how I intended at the start of this year, but I’m not disappointed in the slightest because I think it’s turned out better than I had planned.

What did you hope to accomplish this year? Was it something huge? Or a lot of little things? Have you achieved it? If you haven’t reached your goals or didn’t set any, what can you do in these last few months of the year to ensure that it ends just the way you’d like it to?

For those interested in reading the articles that I've written, head over to this site for all the links that are listed midway down that page.

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