A Shout Out To The New

January 2022

I want to take a moment to reflect on the last few months - those months when I wasn't writing here, but immersing myself in new experiences and meeting new people. It's amazing what happens when a lockdown ends.

Let's start with November...

I'm not sure where you went. A lot of it was spent prepping for December and amongst all of that, you slipped away a little. External rules were being changed by the minute and the future seemed bleak, unstable and no very exciting, but we managed to have fun. We slipped in days of exploration amongst the days of prepping and planning for the holiday season. You went by fast, but you didn't go unnoticed.

Dear December... You're probably my favourite month of the entire year, because you mean lots of birthdays, celebrations, sunshine and lazy summer days. This year was filled with so many presents... both given and received, and not always of the material kind. There were so many experiences that filled the long summer days and nights. There were so many people met just by chance and after such an extended lockdown, many were more willing to stop and talk compared to what they would have done before.

And so there were many stories told and exchanged, and lots of laughter filled the conversations. Goals were set for the new year, resolutions made, and boundaries re-established. Some people even reminded me why I have certain walls up and others showed me that it was safe to let some down. The group of people that I know expanded exponentially, as did the fun.... so much that I didn't even stop and write about them, and I think that was a good thing - just living in each moment.

There were long drives and so many new places that were seen and explored. Each day brought a reminder of how beautiful things are and could be, if you just let them. December, I know it was only 30 days, but they felt both long and short at the same time.

And January... the new start... We didn't do much on the eve of you - well, not in the evening anyway. We were a little exhausted from the fun of December, so we kept it low key. We did watch you sparkle as you kicked off the new year, but I must admit that expectations of what this year would bring, remained a bit low; Probably because these last two years were a bit of a global fizzer. But I want to be happy about you being here. You've nearly gone but you've filled the days with tensions and surprises. You've tested my negotiation and persuasion skills and made me up my game there. You've also made me take a good hard look at what I really want, and cut out everything that doesn't fit that picture. For that, I thank you.

Like December, you, dear January, have introduced more people and experiences, extending on the ones that I've just had. You've allowed me to be me and also allowed me to tick off things that I wanted to accomplish this year. You've made me more tolerant of the not-so-good and more expectant of the good. You've filled my days with warmth and sunshine, and my nights with cool refreshing rain. You've done some things I never expected you to, but it's always worked out when I've just allowed and trusted.

So to my February... you're nearly here. I wish I could say that I have no expectations, but the months that have come before you have been pretty awesome and wild, so I'm wondering if you can keep it up; I'm hoping that you can. I'm hoping that you, my swift February, will bring me more joy and friendships... more experiences and wonder... more love and appreciation.

And so I'll allow you and the months that follow, to come in and do your thing. Amaze me. Excite me. Surprise me.

And to the months that have been - I thank you for everything that you were and everything that you brought.

Hello 2022.

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