About Me

Just a person with real thoughts, raw experiences & refreshing opinions

The person behind the writing is just a person

I'm just me...

And I do it my way

I wear a lot of hats, but not a lot of masks. (No pun intended given the recent circumstances.) I am who I am and I've stopped hiding who the real me is. Mind you, it's taken a while for me to find me, but you'll figure that out if you read my blogs.

I'm old enough to not be bothered by the opinions of others. But I'm young enough to enjoy life and relish in playing with it.

All you need to know about me is that I'm happy and that I'm fulfilling my dreams and life goals. But you probably want to know the basic details, to make it easier for you to relate to me, right? Well, I'm divorced and I have three beautiful children. I work full time and have plenty of hobbies on the side. I spend my free time reading, playing with my children, filling it with music, enjoying nature (which is apparent from all my photos here) and generally having fun with life itself.

This is my life and this is how I'm living it.