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The journey of life is all about experiences and how we view them. There are lessons to be learnt in every situation, and every lesson helps us grow as a person. We change, adapt and evolve over our lifetime.

Sometimes, other people's experiences help us reflect back on our own. They can trigger thoughts, emotions and actions within ourselves. But we seem to have lost the art of telling stories, at least not long ones. We're in a society of short snippets of information, and usually only the good stuff, because it's all about image, right? And who doesn't want to project having a perfect life?

But let's be realistic. Life isn't perfect and we see less than half of what others want to show us of their lives. How can we grow as individuals and as a collective, if the not-so-perfect parts aren't shared? How can we evolve? Experiences were meant to be shared. People are meant to socialise and interact, even during times when we're forced into isolation.

My journey so far hasn't been an easy one but I'm okay with that. Each encounter has shaped me (and consequently kicked started my work as a life coach). I change and grow everyday and I love that I do. I have stories to tell and I think that I look at life a bit differently to others, and I write about them a bit differently too. So welcome to my blog and read on. If some of my experiences and encounters can help you in your journey, then I've made a difference and I'm happy.



Random rambling thoughts fill my mind & so I write

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